Ends on May 1, 2019

$28.00 USD
Deborah Paredez and Celeste Mendoza
Series Editors

Submission Requirements

  • Length. Manuscripts must be between forty-eight and ninety pages.
  • Previously Published Poems. Individual poems may have been published in chapbooks, journals, and anthologies.
  • Translations. Work in translation is not accepted.
  • Multiple submissions. No more than one manuscript per author.
  • Authorship. No more than one author per manuscript.
  • Simultaneous submissions. Manuscripts under publication consideration or prize competition elsewhere are allowed provided we are notified immediately of their acceptance.
  • Authors previously published in the series.  Any author who has had a manuscript published in the series should not apply again until three years after the publication date of said volume.

Application Procedure

  • Site. Apply below or go to http://uapress.com/cantomundopoetryseries.
  • Deadline. Applications are accepted year-round with a rolling deadline of April 15.
  • Personal information. Applicants should provide the title of their collection, their name, an address, a telephone number, and an email address.
  • Manuscript content. The first page of the manuscript should start with the title of the collection, followed by a table of contents, and then the poems. Part titles and epigraphs may be included. Dedications, acknowledgments, or any personal information should not be included.
  • Anonymity. Submissions are judged anonymously. The author’s name and contact info should be submitted on the web page where you upload your manuscript but nowhere in the uploaded file. No specific identifying information should appear anywhere in the manuscript.
  • File formats. We recommend authors submit their manuscripts as a PDF, which offers the most reliable representation of what is seen on the writer’s computer. Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and Rich-Text Format documents (.rtf) are also acceptable but may display text and formatting differently when opened on the judge’s computer.
  • Revisions.  No revisions will be accepted once the application is complete and the manuscript is uploaded. The winning author will have an opportunity to revise the manuscript before publication.
  • Readers fee. A readers’ fee of $28 must be paid at the time of submission. Major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. No checks, transfers, or cash can be accepted.


The winner will be notified by 15 September 2019, and the press will announce the winner by 1 October 2019.